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 Website FAQ

  What is the purpose of the site?

Basically to make the ideas of Stephen Jay Gould more accessible to students, teachers, and science enthusiasts of all stripes and forms. Gould did this so well in print, that we hope to extend this influence to the World Wide Web. Alternatively we may be seen as a complement of sorts to John Catalano's excellent website The World of Richard Dawkins, which adopts Dawkins' more conservative approach to biology. Taken together, these pages will give readers a more enriching prospective on the many competing ideas facing the study of biological evolution.

  Who is behind the site?

This unofficial website was put together by Miguel Chavez, while a student of Yuba College in Northern California. If you would like to forward me a comment or question, please feel free to do so at this email.

  Does Stephen Jay Gould have an official site?

Yes. Gould's widow Rhonda Roland Shearer, and her associates at the Art Science Research Lab, are currently preparing a massive Internet archive of Gould's work and scientific lectures. A portion of this effort is now available, but the site remains under development (

  May I have permission to reprint one of your articles?

I really couldn't say. Permission request should be made out to whomever published the essay or article in question. Here are a few places to look for such permission requests: Natural History magazine, W. W. Norton & Company, and Harvard University Press. I would personally like to thank Rhonda Roland Shearer for giving us permission to host many of the essays and articles available here.

  When is the site updated?

All significant updates are posted on the What's New? page.

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