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 Television Appearances

  1987.10.27. PBS. 3-2-1 Contact. "Dinosaur Detectives"

  1987.11.02. PBS. 3-2-1 Contact. "Mammals: Rats and Bats"

  1994.3.01. PBS. Charlie Rose. "Finders Keepers"

  1995.4.05. BBC Two. Seven Wonders of the World. "Stephen Jay Gould" Webpage

  1995.7.18. A&E. "Science and Exploration: Dinosaurs, Fossils and the Origin of Life" (7:30 AM)

  1996.1.18. PBS. Charlie Rose. "Dinosaur in a Haystack"

  1996.4.08. CBC. Pamela Wallin Live.

  1996.10.25. PBS. Charlie Rose. "Full House"

  1996.10.25. ABC. Nightline. "Cain and Abel"

  1996.11.21. ABC. ABC Evening News "Exploring For Life Underground"

  1996.11.26. PBS. NewsHour "Spinning Evolution"

  1996.12.4. ABC. Nightline "Looking For Life"

  1997.1.2. ABC. ABC Special "The Millennium with Aaron Brown"

  1997. History Channel. In Search of History. "The Monkey Trial"

  1997.10.22. PBS. Charlie Rose. "Questioning the Millennium"

  1997.11.23. FOX. The Simpsons. "Lisa the Skeptic" (8:00 PM).

  1998.3.12. ABC. Nightline "Fish Fingers"

  1998.10.6. ABC. ABC Special "Thining Twice"

  1998.11.16. ABC. ABC Evening News "A Closer Look (The Millennium: Religion) Part I"

  1999.3.05. CNN. CNN Evening News. "Voices of The Millennium: Founders of Modern Science"

  1999.7.15. CNN. CNN Evening News. "Voices of The Millennium: Time Capsule"

  1999.8.17. CNN. Crossfire. "Should Science or Religion Be Taught in the Public Schools?" (7:30 PM ET).

  1999.8.19. CNN. "Why Not Clone a Human?" (10:00 PM ET).

  1999.11.10. PBS. Life Beyond Earth" (8:00-10:00 PM).

  2000.7.13. PBS. Charlie Rose. "Lying Stones of Marrakech"

  2001.01.12. C-SPAN. "The Mysteries of Life and the Universe" ID: 165674

  2001.09.24. PBS. Evolution. "Darwin's Dangerous Idea"

  2001.09.27. PBS. Evolution. "What About God?"

 Media Profiles

  1984.12.18. PBS. NOVA. "Stephen Jay Gould: This View of Life" Webpage

  1992. Into the Classroom Video. "Darwin's Revolution in Thought" 50 min.

  1994. Princeton. Films for the Humanities & Sciences. "A Glorious Accident: Stephen Jay Gould" 120 min. Webpage

  Unknown. VPRO Television. "Stephen Jay Gould: A Scientist Looks at Life" Webpage

  2000.3.26. VPRO Television. "Beauty and Consolation"

 Radio Interviews

  1989.11.09. NPR Interview.

  1990.1.31. CBC Radio. On Morningside with Peter Gzowski.

  1991.6.19. CBC Radio. On Morningside with Lesley Hughes.

  1996.6.01. CBC Radio. Quirks & Quarks. MP3 Webpage

  1996.10.06. Wisconsin Public Radio. To the Best of Our Knowledge "Baseball"

  1996.10.09. Ann Online "Stephen Jay Gould"

  1996.10.16. WMBR. We The People, with Jerry Brown

  1996.11.11. BBC Radio 4. Start The Week

  1997.1.19. Wisconsin Public Radio. To the Best of Our Knowledge "Evolution"

  1997.9.29. NPR. All Things Considered "Questioning the Millenium"

  1997.5.04. ABC Radio National. Ockham's Razor "The Survival Of The Fittest"

  1998.1.28. WGBH. The Cambridge Forum "Millennial Anxiety Syndrome" RealAudio

  1999. WBUR. The Connection, with Christopher Lydon.

  2000.2.28. ABC Radio National. The Science Show, with Robyn Williams.

  2000.12.15. WBUR. The Connection, with Christopher Lydon. "Stephen Jay Gould"

  2001.1.25. BBC Radio 4. In Our Time. "Science and Religion

  2002.6.03. KQED-FM. Speakeasy, with Dorian Devins "Rebroadcast"

&nb sp; Date Unkown. KQED-FM. The Forum, with Michael Krasny

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